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Cane Corso Italian Mastiff Virginia

The Correct Italian Pronunciation
Cane (Kah-nay)  Corso (Kor-so)

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  We specialize in family oriented dogs

Cane Corso Traits


No matter who you talk to, it seems that the
following are common traits among the Corso!


They all tend to:


* Snore, snort & grunt
*Use your body to support their weight

* Have an endless supply of toxic gas

* Eat & chew on tree limbs, branches, bark & mulch


Gotta love em!

Stormy Winns Rascal - Owned by Diane Hyatt

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~~ Our Dogs Are registered with AKC

Stormy Winns is an AKC
Inspected & Approved Facility!


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I encourage families to bring their children when visiting the dogs,
this gives them the opportunity to observe how well Cane Corso's interact with children {even children they are unfamiliar with} 


I welcome visitors to see the dogs, however this is my home not just a kennel
so I schedule visits by appointment only.
Please call or E-mail to schedule an appointment.
Unfortunately my job requires me to work every weekend. My only days off switch from Monday's/Wednesday's to Tuesday's/Thursday's,
I am happy to schedule appointments on these days for anyone who is interested and able.
The best way to reach me is by texting or E-mailing due to the fact that when I am home I spend a great deal of time outside cleaning kennels, training or just spending time with the dogs. If you leave a message and I do not get right back with you, please know that I am not ignoring your message or being rude....I am either extremely busy or did not receive a clear message from you. If you leave a message especially from a cell phone, please say your phone number slowly and clearly, repeating your number is also helpful as cell phones often come in and out of service leaving the message cut off or too distorted to recognize. Texting or E-mailing is easier as I can quickly answer them at all hours without disturbing anyone. If you have an appointment and you are unable to make it or you are running late PLEASE let me know....I have a very full schedule and could be using that time to take care of other obligations.
I appreciate your consideration!   



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  Stormy Winn's Kravyn donated to: Baltimore Sheriff's office



This is a working breed and they make excellent

Police Dogs, Search Dogs, Guard Dogs, and Hunting Dogs


Click the link below for: Cane Corso Standard




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Proud members of the ASPCA




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Learn About Your Dog Food Click Here

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1690 Heather Lane

Huntingtown, MD 20639

Calvert County

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